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     O.K. folks,
the little online-mailorder of
is not longer online except PPFNP-stuff

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Why not longer other stuff online?

Several reasons, but to much to talk about.

I wanna go back to the individual lists with features, rare stuff, bargains, even things out of my private collection. Every list will be different to the one before. The range of music is from the Alternative/Independent thing to Psychedelic, some Sixties, Seventies, Garage, Noisies etc. even Jazz (maybe)

The lists will be send to everybody whos interested in. They will be released whenever I think its time for. This can be monthly, bi-monthy or whatever. Theres no need for me to hurry, but a need to do things which makes sense.

Feel free to send a mail to the address at the top that youre generally interested in a list and Ill put you on my mailing addressbook.

right way home