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NOW 07 HYPERBUBBLE - Drastic Cinematic LP

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Bands origin: San Antonio, TX, USA

Record title: Drastic Cinematic

Format: longplay vinyl 12"

Release date: April 2, 2011

Edition: 100 copies / handmade covers / black vinyl

Artwork: Jeff DeCuir


          - Voix Noir  (2:30)

          - Midnight Cruiser  (2:44)

          - Drastic Cinematic  (3:30)

          - Rue des Dames  (1:24)

          - Geometry  (2:16)

          - Blame It On The Bot  (1:25)

          - Explosive  (2:34)

          - Quiet On The Set  (2:41)

          - Welcome To Infinity Pt.1  (3:10)

          - Welcome To Infinity Pt.2  (5:18)

Musicians on this record:

          Jess DeCuir
          Jeff DeCuir
          Beatrice Rougier
          Armand Rougier
          Joli Strokes
          Gavin DeCuir
          Aidan Casserly
          Manda Rin
          Bryan Stanchak
          Joachim Gaertner

Recording informations:

          Beatrice & Armand Rougier appear courtesy of Minimal here
          Bryan Stanchak appears courtesy of Uncle Buzz here
       Gavin DeCuir appears courtesy of Fellowshipwreck here
        Aidan Casserly appears courtesy of Empire State Human here
        Manda Rin and Akiko courtesy of Retard Disco here and here

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