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NOW 06 BODYCOCKTAIL starring SKJIT LARS - Shoving Icebergs LP

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Bands origin: Bodycocktail (Louisville, KY, USA), Skjit Lars (Bod°, Norway)

Record title: Shoving Icebergs

Format: longplay vinyl 12"

Release date: January 31, 2011

Edition: 100 copies / handmade covers / black vinyl

Artwork: Joachim Gaertner

Photo: Ian Land


          - You And Me Be Dead

          - Eyes SHUT

          - Heat Mother

          - Voice Grass Call Out To God

          - Colin De Cayeulx

          - Janine L┤Avenue

          - Legends Are Born

          - Como El General Custer

          - Fistful Of Cables

          - Punching Keys

          - Persuading People

          - Nada De Nada

Musicians on this record:

          Zan Hoffman: Vocals, Pump Organ, Melodicas, Accordions, Rollup Keyboards
          Lars Nicolaysen: Drums, Basses, Guitars, Synthesizers, Casio-Organ

Recording informations:

          Recorded at Bodycocktail Studio Louisville, KY, USA / Cito Lydstudio, Bod°, Norway
          Mixed and produced by Lars Nicolaysen at Cito Lydstudio, Bod
°, Norway

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