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Updated: May 23rd, 2016


VOCOKESH - Zufällige Übertragungen LP (PURE 16)
further informations soon

Latest releases:
HYPERBUBBLE - Music To Color By CD
(FOR 08)
HYPERBUBBLE - Live in London CD
(FOR 07)
more soon

PSYKISK TORTUR - Live In Germany
Finally out now.
Our favorite norwegian Power duo live. One side Berlin 2014, one side Frankfurt 2015. Released in 3 different sleeve (67 copies each).

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also still hot:

Originally released in 2012 on No Pop For No People, this was sold out really fast. There was a need for a small re-issue in a different sleeve with different label-prints. Both editions were issued in an amount of 100 copies only.
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PLX15 - same MLP
Out late 2015. This great norwegians played at the PPFNP-festival a really great gig. If you missed it, get this debut-vinyl now. After 30 years of existence they released their brand new album in their own kind of mixing casio-pop with heavy drummings. A MUST!
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older news:

They Could Have Been Bigger Than EMI
3rd editions Vol. 1 + 2 now available
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One of my most loved Hardcore bands from the Eighties now on my label. A long wish changed into reality. Can´t believe it! Demo-tracks from 1985/87 now available on hard limited vinyl. Released on the sub-label PURE PUNK FOR NOW PEOPLE.
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Burn The Books

S/T - Hunan teitledig 10" metal acetate
First release since 2008 by Frankfurt´s underrated (??!!) Psych/Kraut band. For fans only, cause it´s limited to 25 copies as metal acetate in the fantastic 10" format with a proper die-cut art-sleeve by Martin Brauner.
Sold out soon. For sure, cause only a few copies left. Released on PPFNP´s sister label LITTLE JOHNNY JEWEL.

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HYPERBUBBLE - 2 soundtracks on CD (2014/15)
For all those people interested in analogue synthie stuff, here 2 CDs in Digi-Packs by HYPERBUBBLE from San Antonio, TX, available only in a small quantity by myself, cause they are released in the US.
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